Apple CEO Tim Cook made $11.6 million in the company’s last fiscal year — 200 times more than its median employee (AAPL)

Tim Cook

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook’s brought in $11.6 million in the company’s 2019 fiscal year.
  • Cook’s compensation included $3 million in salary and more than $7.6 million in incentive-based pay.
  • Cook made 200 times more than the median Apple employee, who earned $57,596.
  • Apple disclosed Cook’s compensation package in a proxy statement Friday.
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Apple CEO Tim Cook brought in just shy of $11.6 million in total compensation during the company’s 2019 fiscal year, Apple said in its annual proxy statement Friday.

That hefty pay package is about 200 times more than the median Apple employee earned in compensation during the same time period, the company noted. According to Apple, the median compensation among its global workforce of more than 130,000 full time employees and of its staff of part-time employees was $57,596 during the 2019 fiscal year.

Cook’s compensation package included a $3 million base salary, roughly $7.6 million in incentive pay, and the nearly $800,000 that it cost Apple to provide security and private air travel for Cook.

The wide gulf between Cook’s pay and that of the median employee is similar to other highly-compensated tech CEOs. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made roughly 248 times more than the median employee during the company’s fiscal 2019 year. 

Apple’s workforce includes the engineers and designers that work in its $5 billion headquarters, as well as tens of thousands of retail employees that work at its retail stores around the world. Apple said the median employee compensation figures included base salaries. bonuses, commissions and the fair value of equity awards.

While Apple’s stock surged roughly 89 percent in the 2019 calendar year, the stock was actually down 2% during the period of the company’s fiscal 2019 year.

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